I Spy With My Little Eye…..

I grew up in Atlanta. My mom worked downtown, and we lived north of Atlanta. I went to work a lot with my mom when I was little, and Ipads were not a thing. My entertainment was billboards.

I remember the first time I had Chick-fil-A. I begged my older sister to stop after seeing this same billboard. I thought it was so cool that there were cows up there. I thought they were honest, and I wanted to save the cute cows. So she pulled in, and the addiction began. I believe that the entire marking scheme behind the Eat Mor Chikin campaign is just genius.

Also, growing in Atlanta, we were colossal Coke drinkers. Drinking Pepsi was a sin in my house. My treat growing up was always a Cherry Coke. Well, like most, it was a sin to me that Dr. Pepper was a stand-alone company. I hated Mr. Pipp. Always have and always will. When people like me are driving down the road and see a billboard about a Cherry Dr. Pepper, I promise it sticks when we are shopping around the drink aisle in the story or looking at the drinks at the gas station. It truly is a One of A Kind Taste!

I always judge the success of an ad by what my kids notice. I have three in all different age groups and different interests. The Ferdinand billboard is genius. My kids were younger when this billard showed up. They thought it was soo cool. They wanted to know how they got horns up in the air like that and why they were so big. Of course, we had to see Ferdinand when it was released. They got my money, and my kids loved it!

Who doesn’t love McDonald’s? You can try to hide the fact, but it’s everyone’s guilty pleasure. When you are in the drive-thru and ask you what sauces you want, does anyone else pause? I don’t always know what the choices are. They aren’t listed on the menu, but you can see them while driving down the highway. Riddle me that. This ad shows me that they see the need to advertise sauces, but they aren’t doing it where it matters. It would help if you had this sitting at the bottom of a menu, not in the sky. But that is just one sauce-lovers opinion. Come on, McDonald’s, get with it!

I always like to end with humor. This might be the funniest ad I have ever seen before in my life. Trust me, though, if I or anyone else needed a paternity test, this would pop right up in my mind. This ad is so funny it is almost wrong, and that makes it stick with you. Kuddos because I think that is the best way to push a service only certain people need. Drop the mic. You win.


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