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Chillin in the Doctors Office..

Guilty pleasure alert! I LOVE looking at the magazines in the doctor’s office. This is just about the only place that you can find magazines these days. I love to rip out my favorite ads and put them all together. Dream board!

Addidas, my favorite brand of all time. I think I own 50 pairs of Adidas shoes. With that being said, this first ad stood out to me. I am very used to seeing men highlighted in sports ads. Yes, they are strong, faster, and so on. This Adidas ad played well to this strong women’s heart, and I believe that is precisely what it was intended to do. Yes, men might be all those things I listed but only in specific ways. Women are just strong in a different way, and Adidas highlighted that!

Now we have Ford. This ad hits home for those who worry about what might be behind our cars when we are backing up. It gives you something to think about. In my case, I am not worried so much about dogs, but I am very worried about my children. This is precisely why I make sure any car I buy has a great backup camera. Get this, I own a Ford.

Now we move on to kids. As a mom of 3 and someone who works in education, Ads such as these hit hard. They play to my emotions. I think we are so privileged in our nation that we forget what life is like for some of us. I want every child to have the chance to have a bright future. Maybe one day, this will happen. I hope this ad helps raise money and awareness for their campaign.

I am not very athletic, but I am not not athletic. Aesthetically, I love this Reflex spray ad. Without knowing what product they were offering, I wanted to know just by the picture. It tells a story for sure. Now seeing what the Ad is about, I am even more interested because if it is good enough for marathon runners, it is good enough for me. Next time I am in the store, this ad will pop in my mind when looking for muscle relief.

Last, this ad made me think of my kids and laugh a little. How true this is in most households with kids. Ketchup is a food group for my crew. I genuinely believe this is what my kids see when they see a plate without ketchup on it. Next, let me tell you just how picky my kids are about the brand of ketchup they eat. We are not allowed to eat anything but Heinz. That’s some killer marketing, Heinz!


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