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Truly, Authentically, and just plain me.

Im just a mom learning how to navigate this wild new world.

Latest from the Blog

Know you..

For my SME interview, I interview Rebecca Tippett. Becca has been marketing for a property management company (Rocky Creek Investments) for the past 20 years. Since its inception, she has been with the company and now handles things like a champ. Little back story, Becca was a stay-at-home mom of 4. This was a full-time…

Fund me the money

In my world, when I think about investing, I think about Win Tippett. Win is an old family friend who has been investing in business and products since I can remember. I called Win up to ask him a few questions. 1 What do you look for when investing in a product/business? I tend to…

Keep the Flame Alive

Hello all! My name is Jae Winchester. I have a bachelors in Entrepreneurship with a cognate in accounting from Western Carolina University. I am currently in my last year of obtaining my Masters’s in Innovation Leadership in Entrepreneurship. I am currently the Community Affairs Coordinator at Cherokee Central Schools and have been with the organization…

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