Extra, Extra. Read all about it.

So I use to be one of those annoying couponers. I would scope up every paper I could get my hands on. My guilty pleasure was the ads.

I love a good car sale. I am guilty of going around to different car lots to look and not trade or buy. I just enjoyed looking. Those car ads are my favorite. I like to see all the deals and sales they are running. Honestly, they are addicting to look at. I realize how silly it sounds typing it all out, but I love it. Holiday sales are my favorite. Car dealers know what they are doing when they design these. Bring colors, a good theme, and great deals. Hook line and sinker.

Now let’s move on to the couponers oasis. Store ads. I would spend hours matching coupons to sales. This is how you get the best deals. I honestly believe that the stores collaborate to get overstocked items out of their store. Again, stores know who looks at those ads, and the store with the best deals gets the best customers, like me!

Now we have vacation ads. We bought the car to drive to the store to get food for the excellent vacation deal I found. Smart combo, huh? They know how to cover all their bases. Honestly, paper ads are great for this. They appeal to those who crave an excellent deal while they are sipping on their coffee on the way to find the crossword puzzle. Really, the target audience is all the same for these ads. The older age group grew up getting information from a paper versus the internet.


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