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Schools who borrow?!?!

When I dreamed of what I wanted to be when I “Grew up,” I never saw myself working in a school system. I hated school, and I still hate school, but I know that it is just something that I have to do. I was surprised at how my school’s finance department operated when I started. The topic I chose to research was “Line of Credit.” I will be looking at it from a different angle than most businesses would.

When I began to learn the purchasing process, I was shocked by the lack of purchasing power. Yes, the school has money, but there is no way to make large purchases. We had a situation at the time where POs from the school were no longer accepted due to late payment (we don’t have the best system for getting things paid).

According to, it can be tricky for schools to receive lines of credit, and I would think it is even more challenging for an organization that is not the best about paying invoices on time. I was extremely shocked to find out that when it came to actual “Credit card” limits, we did not have one card with a limit over $3,000.00. My boss and I have more personal credit limits more significant. After reading why it can be challenging for schools to obtain a line of credit, it makes a little more sense. Since I have been with my organization, increasing our credit limit has been something that we have been working on. We have made significant increases and continue to do so.


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