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What if?!?

Could you bring me the money(1)?

When it some to account receivables in my small business within a business, I am in a fortunate situation. If I receive any order other than the tribe, I require the payment upfront, and with the tribe’s demands, I need a PO. I kno9w that most businesses are not like this, but since I am such a small operation, I require it. I am forced to do this because some of the wholesalers that I work with do not allow me to have lines or credit myself, which has a domino on how my customers pay for products. One minor issue can affect the entire process.

When is it due again (2&3)?

I stated before that when paying bills are getting a lot of credit, I have an issue. How we handle our money is quite complicated. We hire a separate entity for $1 million a year to manage our money. This means when we receive bills, they don’t always come to the right place, and they don’t always get put in. For example, Mac papers are one of my wholesalers, and when a bill is mailed to us, or an invoice is transmitted to us, it goes to the finance department. Once they receive it, they are supposed to send it to the individual departments to be signed for, and then that is their return to the forest department. The finance department then takes the signed invoice and sends it down to the boys club, which processes the payment. Now think of how many times the money has switched its hands to get a bill paid? Imagine all the invoices that get lost in transit in transition between everyone, which has cost us lines of credit or accounts with certain companies.


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