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Exit Strategy

My plan for Cherokee Central Schools print studio is to keep the businesses within the school for future generations. Other existing budgets cover all employees, so dissolving the company will not leave any employees without a job. Overall, selling is not a choice since it is owned and operated by a tribal school.The value in Cherokee Central Schools Print Studio is relatively simple. The business is housed in a building rent-free, and the tribe owns the land. The equipment is the only item of value. Considering the years on the machine itself, the value is not very high. Overall the liquidation of the print studio would be extremely simple.None of the profits made are used traditionally. The money goes straight back into student programs or education-based items. When looking at the exit year, we would need to make sure we limit ordering extra supplies/materials and using any overstock we might have acquired over the years. The goal would be to have all stock and last sales made by the end of the school year. This way, we would have summer to tie up any loose ends. Overall this would be a straightforward process for my specific business. I know this is not a traditional business, but it dramatically impacts the students positively. 


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