Ownership At All Levels

Why should ownership only live at the top of an organization’s chain? When you look at a business’s structure, a great leader will instill a sense of ownership from the bottom up. This mindset can be applied in just about team like situation you might be presented with. The more ownership that one can take, the harder they will work. When choosing a book for this class, I picked extreme right because that is the motto I have lived by my entire life. That mindset has helped me overcome most of the obstacles in my life. If I can own something, why would I not want to work my hardest to make it successful? Often I have learned that the easy path is not always the right path. 

In the book, Extreme Ownership Jocko speaks on how he applied decentralization command to his platoon leaders. He trains his top team members to be confident yet humble in the job they are assigned. He makes sure they have a clear idea of the task/goal at hand, then he makes sure they can communicate that to the front-line leaders. This method allows Jocko to concentrate on the overall issue and puts his mind at ease that his seals will perform their job. The key to this is passing the empowerment top to bottom. The lower level leaders feel as if they have the support of their superiors, and overall, the team’s attitude is higher. This concept sounds like an easy concept to apply but the proper groundwork laid before decentralization is executed correctly. There must be strong communication skills, an understanding of the job at hand, and organization within the unit. That is only naming a few. When you apply this concept to a business, you need to remember where this starts, at the top. In the beginning, you need to make sure you build a strong enough base to keep the structure steady.

Willink, J., & Babin, L. (2017). Extreme ownership: how U.S. Navy SEALs lead and win. Second edition. New York: St. Martin’s Press.

One thought on “Ownership At All Levels

  1. Ownership does need to belong to everyone involved. Too many times those on the lower-level feel that the responsibility should only lie with those in upper management while those in upper management often let those in lower-level positions take the fall when things go wrong. Accountability works both ways. While in business most things trickle down from the top, everyone has a role to play. It is important that you have someone in leadership that is able to communicate all that needs to be shared just as much as be able to keep things that are relevant to themselves.


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