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Operating Plan

Cherokee Central Schools Operations Plan CCS Goals: CCS will produce globally competitive students with future readiness skills who demonstrate civic responsibility. CCS will collaborate with stakeholders to empower students to become lifelong learners through authentic learning opportunities CCS commits to be guided, supported, and maintained by innovative systems while responsibly managing the district’s resources. StepsContinue reading “Operating Plan”


For my competitive analysis for Cherokee Central Schools, I have decided to go with a differential strategy. When working in education at any level, how you stand out to your potential students makes them choose to attend your school. Everyone wants to go to what they believe to be the best. At Cherokee Central Schools,Continue reading “COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE ANALYSIS”


Measurable Objective 1: achieve college and career readiness standards. Measurable Objective 2: collaborate to involve families in student learning as measured by the number of additional events hosted by the district.  Measurable Objective 3: collaborate to increase community engagement as measured by the number and types of communication strategies employed.  Measurable Objective 4: collaborate to provide resources forContinue reading “Objectives”


CCS commits to being culturally, intellectually, emotionally, and physically supportive to all students while providing a safe and healthy learning environment. In partnership with its families and community, CCS will actively strengthen and enhance learning opportunities to support the success of students. CCS will increase opportunities for growth to prepare learners to be personally andContinue reading “Goals”

Key to my world….

Keys to success for Cherokee Central Schools Technology•Access to unlimited educational resources•Collabration opportunities•1 to 1 computer access for all students•Capability of remote education if needed Manufacturing•Provide the highest quality of education•Hire the best team possible•Provide continue education and professional development for staff•Provide great benefits to keep the top educators in the area Distribution•Allow equal educationalContinue reading “Key to my world….”