Lean on me.

In the section on supporting, I want to concentrate on page 266. It talks about having a team to invest in that as an investor, and you have relatively little worry! I find this, in most cases, to be 100% true. The wrong team can ruin everything. With the right team, you are an unstoppable force. This is that high-capability team they are talking about, and in most cases, this is what you need to produce the best results. The book goes on to speak on many different levels of teams. This is from the low capability to new groups. The one factor that I think that everything needs to consider when putting together any couple can check one’s ego and see where there is not. Fit. I know a harp a lot on how wonderful I believe my work team to be, but just like a marriage, we have had our ups and downs, and we have worked very hard to get where we are today. The best practice that we have perfected is self-evaluations. I can comfortably admit to any one member of my team that I am not good at certain things. If I need help, I have no problem asking for it. This goes for all my team members, and with this, we have created an unstoppable force within our organization who knows how to get the job done and well.


One thought on “Lean on me.

  1. Jae:

    Thank you for sharing information about your work team. Teams are critical to the success of any organization. A majority of leaders who win awards for accomplishing a business goal regularly say, “I have my team to thank.” Many successful businesses today probably would not be where they are if they didn’t have a great leader and team putting in the work. As an investor, one may have knowledge and experience to help push the business to the next level. Building solid relationships with others is an important skill to have, no matter what you do.



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