Get after it!

Through my years, one of the most important practices I have learned is to have goals. Goals can come in all shapes and sizes, and lengths of time. The section on Evaluation speaks on goals as one of the three bases. Winning Angel states you need all three bases covered when investing. I am going to concentrate on one of the three, which is goals.

Goals are something that affects all aspects of life. Your life goals jeopardize your career goals, and the financial goals affect your work and personal goals. In the end, they are all intertwined with each other.

Recently I attended a leadership training called Muster 010. The training is based on the book Extreme Ownership that I use as a life bible. In training, Jocko spoke on the importance of goals, which I knew I needed to work on personally. It wasn’t so much making the goals; it was staying dedicated to completing them and self-evaluating.

Me at Muster 010 with Jock Willink and Dean Lister

Goals change, life changes, and we need to look at ourselves and adapt when needed. Goals are what drive us to do what we do! It is the motivation we need, and when we meet those goals, it is essential to make more. Though we are talking about investing in this class, remembering why you are doing what you are doing is necessary. Taking a good look in the mirror and evaluating yourself from time to time to make sure your goals align with what you want is also essential. In the words of Jocko, remember, “Get after it!” You can make your goals and dreams a reality in business and life.

Below is a short video on Jocko speaking on long term goals.

(2011). Angel Investors’ and Entrepreneurs’ Intentions to Exit Their Ventures: A Conflict Perspective. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice36(4),.


4 thoughts on “Get after it!

  1. Jae,

    Wow! You have some powerful thoughts on motivation, setting, and changing goals. It can be easy to get lost chasing after one or two particular goals and let everything else fall by the wayside. I think this can apply to anything in life, but especially to our subject of angel investing.

    An example of poor goal focus would be an angel whose sole goal is money and power. They tend to overlook the human aspect of investing and only be looking at the most significant rewards for their money. They failed to take into account the goal of maintaining human relationships with those around them.

    Good read!

    Joe Rudy


  2. Jae,
    What a great review and some great insight. You are correct, we need to set goals, this is how we evaluate how we are doing. I believe this can apply to all aspects of our life, but especially with angel investors. What are your goals, and what are their goals? These goals need to align and if not, move on. This partnership needs to make since.


  3. Jae,

    Great post! I like how you focused on the importance of having goals and understanding your purpose. As Joe mentioned, from an investor standpoint, you don’t want to just focus on the money and power as that doesn’t normally lead to strong relationships and longterm success. From an entrepreneur point of view, having goals is extremely important. Especially when it comes to pitching an idea to an investor. Investors want to see short and long term goal so they can understand what they are investing in now and what is going to be done in the future to increase the ROI on their investment. I think it is important for an entrepreneur to have a solid business plan for the near future, but it is just as important to have an understanding on how you could scale your current idea in the long term in order to generate more sources of revenue.


  4. Hi Jae,

    Looks like you got a chance to engage with some pretty amazing folks. I am going to have check out Jocko on Extreme Ownership. This year I turned 40, and I had a number of goals that I was striving for. 40,000 pushups, 400 miles run, 40 books read (you get the picture). When I came down with Covid, it knocked me down and I had to put those goals on pause and as you put it adapt to new ones. I have since recovered and adapted the goals on a daily basis in order for me to still reach them. Thanks for sharing! Best – Ed


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