Ads that hit me where it hurts.

TV Ads, now we are talking. Now is my time to shine. I love TV advertisements. I always have. I hate that now we miss the commercials altogether. The five ads that I have chosen for this portion of the assignment are close to home. Each one hits me on a personal level in a different way.

Let’s start with Jeep. In 2017 Jeep had a super bowl commercial titled “Whole again.” I have mentioned it before, but I will repeat it to those who do not know. I come from a very proud military family background. In 2006-2007 I had not one but two family members deployed. My dad and my brother both served tours in those years. No one can understand the void you feel when you have a loved one away fighting in a war. You have no clue if you will ever see them again, and it makes the deployment even harder. I think the best word to describe this fear is the unknown and the waiting.

Jeep did a fantastic job at describing that void we all feel when a loved one is gone. They targeted all of us who know this feeling and showed support to our soldiers and the heartache their families experience. They hit all ages, children, spouses, parents, grandparents. This commercial hit every age group who knows how this pain feels. As far as advertising goes, this was an intelligent move by Jeep. Our nation will never lack the love for our country and those who fight for our freedom. There are so many families just like mine who love to support companies that stand by our soldiers. This ad’s entire plan was to show support to our freedom fighters. Remember the pain their families endure in hopes when they are out purchasing their next vehicle, they remember this ad. I am conscientious about buying from these sort businesses, and so are many military families and supporters of our soldiers—well-done Jeep.

Next up, we have Disney.

Man Covid was hard, it was hard on all of us. We had to stop our lives to bend to the rules of the unknown. When I saw the ad for the re-opening of Disney, it hit my soul. I am a Disney girl all the way. I was raised on Disney, and I have raised my children on Disney. To me, there is not anything more pure and magical than the world of Disney.

When I saw this ad, it reminded me that the magic still lives even with the tough year we have had. It also put a massive hurt on my wallet, and I packed up my family and went on a magical adventure. This ad intended to hit people like me—true fans who had a horrible year and need to put a little pixie dust on our lives. The ad also showed us that we could attend Disney and feel safe. I can say from experience they did not disappoint at all—everything that they proposed in the commercial they gave me. After one of the scariest times in my life, I was able to go with my family, have a magical time and feel safe while doing it. I am proud of Disney. I know they closer was hard on them and all the individuals they employ. The park opening means that those families get back to work.

Okay, the next two are going to show my inner nerd that I am so proud of.

Since we are already on the subject of Disney, I am going to start with it. I am a HUGE, and I mean Huge Star Wars fan. Star Wars was the glue that bonded my siblings and me together growing up. I am the youngest of three, and my siblings were much older than me. Something that always gave us common ground was star wars.

Being a Disney fan plus a star wars fan, I saw the ad for galaxy edge at Hollywood studios. I about died. I have been waiting for some time to get the chance to experience the force. With the re-opening of the world and Disney, I found my opportunity to finally make my dreams come true. This ad speaks to the heart of a true fan. It leads you to believe that, ultimately, there is a place that you can live out your fantasy. It gives you the hope that you can experience just one ounce of the star wars galaxy. They were trying to sell the experience. Again Disney did not disappoint. I have never been happier in my life. I was able to live my dreams. I could be a part of a world that I never thought I would be able to experience. All I can say is that my dreams indeed came true. I have learned that as adults, we are just children with responsibilities. I could also share my love of Disney and star wars with the next generation and spark the love for both with my children.

Now, as we move on to the TV ads loved by Jae Winchester, we are keeping with the star wars theme.

Before galaxy’s edge, I was able to get my star wars to fix through video games. It gave me a chance to live out something again that I have always loved. This ad was for the Battle Front 2 game. As a lover of the original game, this ad got me beyond excited.

It was meant to target lovers like me. Game nerd, star wars nerd, the first-person game lover. Again that darn franchise did it for me. Before the ad was even over, I had gone and preordered a copy of that game. I also knew that this was something that I could enjoy with my older kids made it even better. I want to keep the magic alive. I want to enjoy this thing that my family valued so much.

Last but not least, we have Harley. Can I give them a stand ovation on marketing as a whole?

This ad right here also opened my wallet and made me want to be a part of the Harley family. Growing up, anytime I thought of Harley, I thought of old biker guys on motorcycles. Not any more.

I will post a series of ads to see my progression with the Harley line of commercials. I think that Harley wins all when it comes to ads. I do not come from a Harley family, but I am not joking when I tell you that every Harley commercial I have ever seen speaks to me. The wording and how they express everything makes me want to be a part of the Harley family. Let’s start with we believe commercial.

Okay, next in the Harley I love series was the Live Your legend. This ad made me go out and buy a bike. I am a mom of three, and I could not agree more with the statement about living in the now. With the “Live Your legend” campaign, they did personal interviews of families and their experience with Harley.

Again bravo, Harley. They hit a wide range of ages and demographics with this series of ads.

3 thoughts on “Ads that hit me where it hurts.

  1. Jae,

    Thank you for sharing your personal attachment and sentiment for the 2017 Jeep advertisement. I cannot imagine the feeling of having a loved one deployed, but am so glad that Jeep found a way to empathize with people like yourself and your family. This kind of emotional connection is extremely powerful and helps make an already strong brand even better.

    Harley has always done a fabulous job making their brand seem fun and exciting to the general people, even those that would never dare to ride on two wheels. There is such a sense of freedom and inclusion that comes with being part of a biker community, and I love that they are trying to open up the community to everyone and anyone. I grew up in a family of motorcycle enthusiasts (though when I did purchase a bike of my own in my adult years, found out that I am definitely meant to be a passenger) and can understand what you mean when saying that every commercial speaks to you.

    Great work Jae!

    Brittany Marshall


  2. Jae:

    First, thank you for sharing how these ads have made an impact on you. It isn’t always easy to share such information, but I could see these ads from a different perspective. I am sure the marketing teams of these companies would be pleased to hear their work was impactful, as I am sure it was their intent. Your analysis and descriptions of each ad were enjoyable to read.

    Good job!



  3. Hey Jae,

    My name is Mary Kate McQuade, and I am in your ENT 610 class. I was super impressed with your TV ad analysis! First off, I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of reading your blog yet, so I appreciate you sharing some family background. None of my immediate family has served, but both my grandpas and a handful of cousins have. Tell your family I say, “thank you for your service!”
    I thought the Jeep commercial was a wonderful tribute to the soldiers. Jeep might not always have the most reliable cars (compared to Toyota or Honda), but they know how to brand themselves and keep loyal customers through commercials and partnerships like this. The United Services Operations and Jeep connected to benefit each other. The USO likely receives donations from Jeep, and in return, Jeep gains the trust of military customers/families.
    It did not surprise me that the Jeep ad was shown during the Super Bowl. For some reason, all Super Bowl ads seem superior to the daily commercials. Then again, with Netflix and Hulu, normal TV commercials hardly exists anymore.
    I don’t want to write too much, so I’ll stop here, but great job! I will check back again soon to see your other posts!


    Mary Kate


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