With radio, the listener absorbs everything. -Bob Edwards

Man, radios. Doesn’t that feel like a blast from the past? What feels even older than that is radio commercials. I do not think I have heard an actual radio commercial in over ten years. Below I am analyzing five radio ads that appeal to me for one reason or another.


The first ad I am starting with is from Chi-Chi salsas. This one pretty much had me bent over horse laughing. So the focus of this ad is to encourage the listeners to purchase Chi-Chi’s salsa. What made me want to go out and buy it was the adult humor they used. I know that it is not appropriate for everyone, but it was subtle enough my nine-year-old would have no clue what she was even listening to.

With this ad, they just tried to do something that would stand out to a male or female buyer. After listening to this, when I passed the brand in the store, I noticed it, where I had never seen it before. For this one, I think they achieved what they wanted.


I love cars: new cars, old cars, fast cars, slow cars and anything in between. I drive a GMC Yukon XL, and I am a massive fan of the GMC family. For those who do not know about GMC, they also own Chevrolet and Cadillac.

With this ad, they tried to pull you in with the sound. The noise of a V8 zooming around curves is something that a true car lover knows. Cadillac did a great job of using your senses added with luring facts to draw a car lover into the showroom.

Who doesn’t want a great warranty, excellent handing, high ratings, and more? I think that the target market for this ad was that group of American-made luxury car owners. I would have placed this ad on a channel many middle-aged to older men listen to most often. Maybe podcast on finances or investments.

With an ad such as this, you have to hit a higher tax bracket in individuals. 21-year-old Bobby at college can only afford a new Caddie if mommy and daddy have the money to back it up. Personally, that is the demographic I would target. It’s not as thrill-seeking as a mustang but a good balance between speed and luxury. The point was to get you to go out and buy. Go now. Buy now. Feel the speed. Take that turn. Hey you, if you buy now and get the remarkable maintenance agreement. For some shoppers, incentives such as that will close the deal on a purchase.

Dairy Queen

Okay, three ads in, and I now know what makes me miss the radio ads. Radio ads can play to the senses differently than TV ads. Between the humor and then the actual description of the product, you get it all. Who knew you could do so much in less than a min. Guess that is why TikTok is so famous.

This ad was for the new Mushroom Swiss Burger at Dairy Queen. They start with a bit of Kung Fu (Who doesn’t love Kung Fu humor?) and then move right into the wonderfully phased description of the product. This ad was meant to hit Dan or Susan on their way home from work. They have had a long day, horrible lunch, and don’t want to cook when they get home. BAM!! The ad hits right when you know there are a Dairy Queen two miles from your house. Why not? It sounds great. Why, yes, it does, and then they find themselves pulling right into that drive-through.

They had the entire experience. The consumer enjoyed a few laughs and a tasty dinner all in one.

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